Floor displays

Floor displays, floor stands and pallet displays in stores or supermarkets are important points of customer contact. When done right, they contribute to both brand perception and sales. They provide a unique visual experience in line with your brand. A floor stand can be freestanding or placed against a wall on the shop floor. Floor displays can be supplied with all sorts of accessories: shelves, baskets, holders, presentation hooks, etc. By optimising the way your display is organised, we give consumers the best possible insight into your product.


Creapack are experts at floor displays. We make sure your display actually helps sell your product. When designing displays, we take into account both aesthetic and technical demands, such as the weight of your products, the way the display will be set up, your communication objectives, the length of time the display will be up and any physical dimensions.

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  • Ideal for promotions, activations or innovations
  • Brings your brand's story to life
  • Easy to set up
  • Communicates your product's USP
  • Visibility boosts sales


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