Invariably we endeavour for sustainability

Welcome to Creapack - Where Sustainability Meets Innovation!

At Creapack, we firmly believe in the continuous concept of sustainability, and it is at the core of everything we do. Our mission is to combine sustainability, profitability, and innovation to create a better world for future generations.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is integral to our approach. As part of the VCDO-community, we proactively integrate sustainable entrepreneurship into our company policy, aligning our objectives with the United Nations' SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). We are working towards UNITAR-certification to further demonstrate our dedication to sustainability. We can proudly say that we have or first certification as VCDO-laureaat.

As part of our commitment to a sustainable planet, we are actively working on next-generation displays that have a reduced environmental impact. For example we have developed two displays the ‘Atlas and the’Thor’ that are monomaterial and easy to set up under 2 minutes.

We are committed to transparency and environmental accountability. To measure our impact, we are establishing a Dashboard with sustainable KPIs to monitor our water, electricity, waste, and CO2 consumption. This allows us to take corrective actions and continuously improve our eco-friendly practices.

One of the ways we contribute to sustainability is by harnessing the power of solar energy. Our solar panels produce approximately 1 GigaWatt of clean energy each year, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

To further minimize waste, we ensure that leftover cardboard is recycled and reused without exception. Additionally, we use ultra-opaque and fast-drying inks for our digital printing, rationalizing ink usage and promoting eco-friendly practices.

In line with our dedication to sustainability, our offset POS materials are printed using BIO inks, such as the Elements Terra Magna from Wifac. These inks are 100% vegetable-based, cobalt-free, and contain minimal mineral oils, making them an environmentally responsible choice. Our water-based Terrawet lacquers for coating also meet toy and food safety standards while avoiding harmful substances.

Our digital printer doesn't use UV lights but energy friendly LED technology  and Green Guard Gold certified ink

We are proud to hold the FSC® label for our cardboard products, ensuring that they come from responsibly managed forests that protect plant and animal habitats.

Moreover, sustainability is not just about what we produce but how we operate as well. We are continually exploring new techniques and products to enhance ecological and sustainable practices. For every order*, we partner with GOForest to plant trees, and in 2022, we planted 500 trees together.

Furthermore, we care about our employees' well-being and invest in technologies that create a proper and eco-friendly workspace. Our commitment extends to our fleet, with the goal of making 65% of its electric by 2024, reducing emissions and promoting cleaner transportation.

At Creapack, we believe in collaboration and only work with partners who share our passion for sustainability. Together, we are making a positive impact and contributing to a greener planet.

And, as a little touch of nature, we are delighted to share that bees have found a home on our company terrain. We celebrate and cherish the presence of these important pollinators as they play a crucial role in the ecosystem.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding sustainability at Creapack or want to explore how we can collaborate for a greener future, please don't hesitate to reach out. Together, let's shape a sustainable tomorrow


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